K073 SyncroNatur

Floors that create unique spaces

SyncroNatur Collection

32962 Vanitech King Size

Panoramic Sensation, Big Format Planks

King Size Collection

Tarima CoExtrusion Teka

Techno Decking Collection

Wood Sensation without maintenance

Exterior WPC Flooring

“Realistic surfaces, unique plank formats and wood designs that carefully reproduce the structure to enhance the authenticity of the final product.”

Laminate floors are resistant to cigarette burns, stains, knocks and heels. They behave very well against abrasion, maintenance is easy, resistheat and light and are inexpensive: the laminate is a good choice.
Advantages of Laminate Flooring:
  • The La Simple Installation of the Click System, without glue
  • Durability, Resistance until warranty
  • Allergics can breathe deeply: house dust mites have no shelter on the floor

VANITECH laminate flooring is produced exclusively with high quality non-polluting materials that guarantee a healthy environment.

Laminate flooring is mainly composed of wood.

The top layer is especially strong and is pressed together with the decorative layer to form an extremely robust surface.
The HDF board that supports the floor is resistant to swelling, so moisture does not have it easy.
The counterbalance layer of the bottom, with the supporting board guarantee the stability of the floor. Because of this the planks do not deform and you can enjoy for a long time your new floor.

Las Colecciones Vanitech se diferencian por:

  • Formats (Large Planks)
  • Finishes (Designs, Textures)
  • Board Density and Resistance
  • Click System Used

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