Suelo Laminado SyncroNatur

AC4, class 32, 8 mm

Realistic Wood Effect..

Vanitech SyncroNatur is an excellent reproduction of nature. Matte surface combined with iridescence in the pore of the wood. Everything: design, vein, pores and structure fully synchronized.

Vanitech SyncroNatur perfectly captures all the characteristics of the wood of the highest quality, to achieve a natural look of the surface and its structure.

Main Features:

  • 20 years warranty
  • Suitable for moderate commercial use and intense House use
  • The matte surface with synchronized bright pores and its perfectly synchronized structure gives it a natural look and feel
  • Bevelled edges on all four sides of the panel
  • 1clic2go – Quick Installation. Easy. Safe.
  • Audible “click” when connecting tables
  • Format: 1280 x 192 x 8 mm

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